EasyHR - Easiest way to administrate your Human Resources and payroll system

EasyHREasyHR is the leader in web based Payroll and HR systems. EasyHR is about more - doing things more dynamically and more intelligently than ever before. It’s about access to relevant and valuable information at anytime, anywhere. It also gives staff members greater access to their payslip and tax information to reduce dependence on payroll and HR administrators.

EasyHR is a business tool that helps you grow and drive your business processes with the complete confidence that you are using the benchmark of today’s available payroll and HR management systems.

Over and above delivering world class easy to use functionality which delivers automated results, giving you your time back, we back it up with outstanding professional service and a vastly unique support model when you need it.

Welcome to the new dimension of Payroll Management and Human Resource Solutions. EasyHR is a revolutionary next-generation Product Brand of Tambuka. You will have access to the highest, most compounded source of mobilised solutions for Payroll Management Systems and Human Resource support tools.

Tambuka has created a global best practice, benchmark breaking system that manages the entirety of payroll from end to end and seamlessly integrates with our highly valuable HR applications to increase the performance, decrease the time, automate complexity and take your talent administration, remuneration and management to the next-level.

Access to the best software today is now obsolete. Having access to the continuously most advanced solution always and forever is the new benchmark.