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Growth Package includes 187 Documents:

Documents included in this pack are:

HR Employment Contracts (6)

  • Fixed Term Contract of Employment
  • Permanent Employment Contract Template
  • Amendment to Contract of Employment
  • Offer Letter of Employment Template
  • Confidentiality and Non-disclosure Agreement
  • Restraint of Trade

HR Policies (41)

  • Absence from Work Policy
  • Alcoholism; Drug Addiction and Substance Abuse Policy
  • Business Travel and Accommodation Policy
  • Cell Phones Policy
  • Code of Conflict Policy
  • Disciplinary Code
  • Dress Code Policy
  • Employment Equity Policy
  • Expenses and Reimbursements Policy
  • Gifts/Bribery Policy
  • Harassment Policy
  • Health Care Fund Policy
  • Health and Safety and IOD Policy
  • HIV & TB Policy
  • Hours of Work Policy
  • IT/Electronic Communication Policy
  • Leave Policy (Annual, Sick, Family Responsibility, Paternity, Maternity, Unpaid, Study)
  • Loans and Advances Policy
  • Overtime Policy
  • Performance Management Policy
  • Probation Period Policy
  • Promotion Guidelines Policy
  • Recruitment, Selection and Rehiring Policy
  • Relations with Employees, Clients and other External Parties Policy
  • Remote Work policy
  • Remuneration Policy
  • Retirement Age Policy
  • Salary: Reviews and Payment Policy
  • Security and Polygraph Testing Policy
  • Sexual Harassment Policy
  • Smoking Policy
  • Social Networking Policy
  • Supplier and Client Confidentiality Policy
  • Telephones and Cellphones Policy
  • Time and Attendance Policy
  • Tip Offs Anonymous Policy
  • Training and Development Policy
  • Use of Company Vehicles Policy
  • Utilization of Company Equipment Policy
  • Weapons and other Dangerous Objects Policy
  • Zero Tolerance on Theft Policy

HR Procedures (11)

  • Disciplinary Procedure
  • Dealing with Deserters Procedure
  • Incapacity Counselling (Medical Reasons) Procedure
  • Incapacity Counselling (Poor Work Performance) Procedure
  • Guidelines: Poor Attendance / Incapacity - Ill Health Counselling Procedure
  • Dealing with Employees Under the Influence of an Illegal Substance Procedure
  • Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Procedure
  • Recruitment and Selection Procedure
  • Termination of Employees’ Procedure
  • Dealing with Latecomers Procedure
  • Dealing with Probationers Procedure

HR Supporting Documents

A - New Appointments (11)

  • Application for Employment
  • Contract Employee Requisition Form
  • Permanent Employee Requisition Form
  • New Employee Checklist
  • External Use of Company Assets
  • New Employee Payroll Information
  • HR Policy Induction Sign Off Form
  • HR Policy Roadshow Induction Sign off form
  • Induction Sign Off Form
  • Asset Usage Agreement
  • EEA1 Form

B - Terminations (7)

  • Termination Checklist
  • Exit Interview
  • Certificate of Service
  • Acceptance of Termination prior to Disciplinary Enquiry
  • Acceptance of Resignation
  • Acceptance of Resignation Notice Period not served
  • Acceptance of Resignation where Notice Period not served with clawback clause

C - Disciplinary Action (21)

  • Verbal Warning
  • Written Warning
  • Final Written Warning
  • Notification of Disciplinary Enquiry
  • Disciplinary Enquiry Documentation with lines (for handwritten minutes)
  • Disciplinary Enquiry Documentation (electronic version)
  • Appeal Form
  • Grievance Form
  • Under the Influence Checklist
  • Polygraph Consent Form
  • Suspension Pending Completing of Disciplinary Investigation
  • Notice of Termination of Services
  • Notice of Termination of Services (Summary Dismissal)
  • Notice of Termination of Services (Dismissal with Notice)
  • Notice of Termination of Services - due to Abscontion
  • Agreement to Terminate by Mutual Consent Template 1
  • Agreement to Terminate by Mutual Consent Template 2
  • Agreement to Terminate by Mutual Consent Template 3 - Senior Level
  • Abscontion Correspondence
  • Abstention Communique Template
  • Letter of Admonishment Template

D - Training (5)

  • Training Attendance Register
  • Training Feedback
  • Workshop Evaluation (detailed)
  • Study Load Agreement
  • Study Loan and work back Agreement

E - General (7)

  • Leave Form
  • Promotion/Transfer/Rate of Pay Change Motivation
  • Acknowledgement of Debt (non-taxable)
  • Acknowledgement of Debt (taxable)
  • Expense Claim Form
  • Attendance Register
  • Changes to Employee Details

F - Recruitment (4)

  • Interview Guide
  • Job Applicant Questionnaire
  • Job Applicant Regret Letter
  • Job Applicant Reference

G - Incapacity/Poor Performance (13)

  • Verbal Warning re Attendance
  • Formal Counselling to Improve Attendance
  • Counselling Notification for Poor Attendance
  • Ultimatum Letter re Poor Attendance
  • Return to Work Interview
  • Request for Medical Opinion
  • Performance Improvement Programme Letter
  • Performance Improvement Programme Letter for Incompatibility
  • Counselling Notification for Poor Performance of Incapacity
  • Formal Poor Performance or IncapacityCounselling record
  • Ultimatum Letter re Poor Performance
  • Ultimatum Letter for Incompatibility
  • Notification to Attend an Incapacity Heading

H - Probation Review (6)

  • Probation Review Form
  • Probation Review Letter
  • Probation Review Successful Letter
  • Extension of Probation Period basic
  • Ultimatum for Poor Work Performance during Probation
  • Final Probation Review and Termination

I - IOD/WCA Forms (8)

  • Annexure 1: Recording and Investigation of Incidents
  • Notice of Accident and Claim for Compensation
  • Resumption Report
  • Affidavit by Employee
  • Employers Report of an Accident
  • First Medical Report
  • Final and Process Report
  • Checklist for Injuries on Duty

J - UIF Forms (21)

Applying for Dependant Benefits

  • Application for Dependants Benefits by Survey
  • Application for Dependants Benefits by Children of Deceased
  • Application to pay Benefits into Banking Account
  • Employers Declaration

Applying for Maternity Benefits

  • Application for Maternity Benefits
  • Remuneration Received by the Employee whilst still in Employment
  • Application to pay Benefits into Banking Account
  • Application for Continuation of Payment for Maternity Benefits
  • Employers Declaration

Applying for Sick Benefits

  • Application for Illness Benefits
  • Remuneration Received by the Employee whilst still in Employment
  • Application to pay Benefits into Banking Account
  • Employers Declaration

Applying for Unemployment Benefits

  • Application to pay Benefits into banking account
  • Employers Declarations
  • Declaration to Confirm Unemployment Status

Applying for Parental Benefits

  • Parental Benefits in terms of section 26A
  • Remuneration Received by the Employee whilst still in Employment
  • Application to pay Benefits into Banking Account
  • Employers Declaration
  • Payment of Parental Benefits terms of regulations 6(3)

K - Employment Equity (16)

  • Acceptance of Appointment to Employment Equity Committee
  • Analysis of Company’s - Practices, Policies, Procedures and Work Environment
  • Appointment and Acceptance of Senior EE Manager
  • Code of Good Practice on the Preparation Implementation and Monitoring the EE Plan
  • EE and Skills Committee Nomination memo
  • Nominations form for EE and Skills Committee
  • EEA 1 Form
  • EEA 2 Form
  • EEA 4 Form
  • EEA 8 Form
  • EEA 9 Form
  • EEA 12 Form
  • EEA 13 Form
  • Employment Equity Act
  • Memo re EEA1 form and Definition of Disabilities
  • Revised Technical Assistance Guidelines for persons with Disabilities

L - S189 and S189A Templates (10)

  • S189 Notice to Consult
  • S189 A Notice to Consult
  • S189 Retrenchment Agreement
  • S189 A Retrenchment Agreement
  • S189 A Retrenchment Agreement Basic Template with 60-day Waiver Clause
  • Certificate of Service
  • UI 19 Employers Declaration
  • Reference Template
  • Severance Package Annexure Calculations
  • Voluntary Retrenchment Template
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