User Friendly

EasyHROur comprehensive workflow engine and help functions will guide you through the process and prompt you with the appropriate questions. All legislative complications that payroll encompasses have been pre-configured in such a way that we only expose you to the on-off switch.

The value – You can process, add, change or delete any information at any time and thus reduce unnecessary consulting fees.

How we have changed the old “rules” and what to look out for:

  • EasyHR requires little to no training as the system has been designed from a “cold-face” point of view, meaning that it is designed to communicate next-step action without the user needing to understand the extent of reciprocating calculations.
  • The idea of regular payroll consulting fees is now redundant. Once the system is set-up, which in itself requires little to no consulting, it will mean that ongoing consulting fees are unnecessary as the system runs itself.
  • With EasyHR there is no more need to be a tax or payroll professional, nor do you need to continuously visit legislation update seminars. Our tax and payroll experts do it all for you. 


Payroll & Leave