Payroll & Leave


Functionality such as basic pay, overtime, commissions, loans, garnishees, automated medical aid tables, bargaining council levies and every possible tax code and status are all pre- EasyHRconfigured where the user is merely exposed to the on/off switch.

The value – You don’t have to be an expert or experienced payroll administrator because the product has all the legislation built in – you simply select what you want and EasyHR makes sure there are no mistakes. It calculates your PAYE, SDL and UIF and, what’s more, is you don’t need extensive training because the logic is built into the system and is workflow driven. No more paper and time wastage.

How we have changed the old “rules” and what to look out for:

  • EasyHR has moved away from you needing to be an experienced payroll specialist or even needing to having experience on other payroll products.
  • There is no need for risky manual or paper based calculations to be done outside of the system - instead the system works it all out for you.
  • Electronic payslips are standard, you do not need to pay for any extra modules or to use any third party software.

EasyHR Payroll


Depending on the complexity of your needs, a wide variety of leave structure functionality is available where basic conditions of employment compliance as well as intricate accumulative and non-accumulative leave structures may be administered.

EasyHR also offers long service leave where you can setup your organization’s leave to automatically accrue the correct amount based on which leave band an employee falls into.

The value – Staff can apply for leave online and have it approved online so it’s all electronic and automated. If you have blue collar workers, leave can still be uploaded to be stored electronically.

No more paper and time wastage.

How we have changed the old “rules” and what to look out for:

  • Leave administration is included as part of the standard payroll offering. EasyHR offers complete employee and manager approval self service, allowing you to analyse leave trends and costs.