EasyHR ComplianceEasyHRDeclarations to the UIF department are automatically sent each month and you get the reply from the department directly.

Submissions to SARS are simple, an EMP201 report is available in the exact format for you to submit your returns. Tax certificates are available instantly every period (not only at year end) and a simplistic drill down facility allows the user to review and trace the makeup of each tax code. Accountants love this feature!

Basic conditions of employment leave, employment equity and OID provisioning are all standard features of the system.

EasyHR offers an easy 5 step tax year end process that can be done on a monthly basis – no consulting required.

The value – You don’t have to have experience or be an expert in payroll because the system does it for you. You can’t make mistakes by having to calculate payroll input.

Automatic year end balancing reports will allow you to consolidate your tax figures whenever you need to.

How we have changed the old “rules” and what to look out for:

  • EasyHR is intuitive in its design so we have changed the way you would typically need a tax consultant to ensure that your inputs are legislatively aligned and correct.
  • The system automatically posts monthly UIF declaration and registrations to the department.
  • Future SARS requirements will entice companies for submissions on a monthly basis – EasyHR
    functionality to do so, is already in place.