EasyHR AutomationEasyHRThere is no payrun or rollover process required (the system automatically generates your payslips each time) – a concept never seen before.

The value – Payslips are automatically created – you only provide changes when they happen and they are calculated instantaneously. You can input data throughout the month instead of having to do a full batch input before the end of the month. EasyHR is a real-time system and even gives you the ability to extract reports at anytime to make business decisions related to your payroll figures.

How we have changed the old “rules” and what to look out for:

  • With EasyHR there are no manual backups that are necessary in on-premise solutions. EasyHR automatically backs up your data every month. This gives you complete peace of mind, knowing that your data will never be lost.
  • EasyHR offers true automation by giving you the ability to, at any moment, access up-to-the moment reports.

Migrating Your Data

EasyHR Migrating Datamigratedata(1).jpg

The value – Once you have given us your data we will ensure that it is correctly captured and configured. You will be kept up to speed at every step and can double check. All input directly from your offices, this process enables you to immediately realise the huge benefit and impact that EasyHR will have on your organisation.

Our year-to-date take on facility allows you to switch to EasyHR

Without having to retain your employee figures on the previous solution. This makes switching to EasyHR an absolute breeze during any tax year.

We will also ensure that you do not lose out on having already paid the annual license fees with your current provider. You won’t just be moving, you’ll be advancing with complete ease.



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